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Fairy Tale Princess - Sherwood Forest - Scottish - Camelot - Celtic - Shakespeare - Gypsy
Elven - Fairy - Gothic - Cavalier - Pirate - Viking

Fairy Tale Princess Wedding
You are radiant in your long flowing dress, as you and your entourage walk toward your Prince Charming. Like a knight in shining armour he awaits you. And once you have said your vows and exchanged your rings, a horse drawn carriage waits to carry him and you off to your castle to live happily ever after.

Sherwood Forest Wedding
Blowing horns announce the arrival of the Groom clad in Lincoln green and his Maid in flowing white into the Greenwood. The brown robed Friar smiles broadly as your Merry men and Ladies form a circle around you. Then after your vows are made a great feast awaits you under the great oak trees.

Scottish Wedding
High atop a mountain, mysts veil the valley below. Flags flutter in the breeze as the haunting strains of a bagpipe fill the air. There standing together is the Groom in his great kilt and the Bride with flowers in her hair. The Priest takes your vows and you walk under an archway of broadswords and into the rest of your life together.

Camelot Wedding
Knights in shining armour encircle you and your King. Listen well to Merlin's wisdom before you ride off in your horse drawn carriage under the Red Dragon banners flying high.

Celtic Wedding
Drums beat a rhythm that matches the beating of your heart. You and your Love stand within a Circle of Stones ready to vow your lives one to the other. A garland of flowers encircles your joined hands, binding you one to the other as long as the wind blows and the rivers flow. Then a delicious feast awaits you and yours in the Great hall.

Shakespeare Wedding
You and your Romeo stand face to face and hand in hand. Your vows are poetry spoken one to the other. Candlelight glows on your beautiful Brides face. Sweet music fills the air. And once your vows are said, the Two Lovers join their friends and family in the Feast Hall where they shall dance in one another's arms the whole night through.

Gypsy Wedding
Firelight casts it's glow on the gypsies as they dance about the flames. The music from their camp sets a festive mood as you and your dashing groom walk among the vardos. Pay heed to the fortune tellers advice and you will have a long and happy life together. Then dance the night away in your long flowing dress with your hair tied in bright scarves.

Elven Wedding
In a forest deep, gossamer banners flutter gently in the warm breeze. Sweet voices sing haunting melodies as you and your Bride enter the Glen. Under the great trees you exchange you vows and give unto one another rings of precious gold. Then the happy couple will dance the night away as fireflies light the Glen.

Fairy Wedding
Pretty little fairies flitter about casting rose petals before the Bride and Groom as they enter the Fairy Circle. Glittered wings flutter and bright laughter will follow them as after their vows they ride away in a carriage drawn by unicorns.

Gothic Wedding
Candles and the full moon are the only light that illuminates you and your Bride on this dark night. Hands held together, you stand ready to vow heart to heart and blood to blood, binding your nights and days to each other for the rest of your lives.

Cavalier Wedding
The dashing cavalier rides in on his horse with flowing mane to rescue his lovely lady. He spurs his mount off to the stone church where they are joined as one for all time.

Pirate Wedding
Set sail for a romantic adventure like none other. No greater treasure could there be than the lovely lady on your arm. Imagine your wedding on the deck of your ship or if you prefer upon the sandy shores of your own treasure island, then off to the galley for a feast worthy of a Captain.

Viking Wedding
The sail of your Longship billows in the wind as you approach the shore. There standing upon the bank is the Love of your life, a true treasure such as cannot be found in any foreign land. Sweep her into your arms and take her to the Mead Hall where you will celebrate the whole night through.

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