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Merchant Shelters

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From Mundane to Magnificent

Magical Merchant Modifications


Starting with a Market Umbrella

Starting with a basic Sun Shade
Brocade leg covers with buttons


                     Starting with a 10x10 White EzUp


The Use of Multiple EZ-UP Shelters


Starting with a 10x10 Blue EzUp


Starting with a 10 x20  Carport




Starting with a 20' Trailer



Specialty Booths




Get Medieval on Your Pop-Up
How To Disguise Your Portable Pavilion for Renaissance Faires and Medieval Events
by Randall Whitlock

Make Your Own Mini Pavilion
By Baroness Mira Silverlock (mka Tanya Guptill)

The Halfling Pavilion

A Disguise Suitable for Small Dome Tents
by Randall Whitlock


Adventures in Tent Design
How I Turned a Market Umbrella into a Medieval Arming Tent


San Diego Renaissance Faire Booth Guidelines

How to be a successful guild or merchant in the 16th century


The Making of Goodie Edwards Witches Hut
by K Edwards Studio


How we made the Bender Tent Page
by Bent Metal Forge


Articles on Tentmaking

by Dragonwing


Booth Building Guidelines

by Four Kingdoms Renaissance Festival



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