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Medieval Fantasies Company is an authorized Dealer of
Panther Primitives Medieval Tents and Pavilions.

Medieval Fantasies Company
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Due to the dimensions and weight of the items listed upon this page
please contact us for a shipping quote to your location as well as to place your order. Thank you! or 540-578-0048

When requesting a quote for a Medieval Tent or Pavilion please include the following information:

Tent style, size and desired Canvas
Scalloped Edging design and Braid Color
With or without Sod Cloth and/or Ground Cloth
With or without Setup Package
Shipping Address

International International orders need contact us for shipping rates to your Realm.


Thank you so much for your quick response.  If anyone asks where I got my pavilion, I will let them know that it was Medieval Fantasies, and that you have very good customer service.
Des Moines, IA

My Lord and My Lady, I have received the Pavilion!!! It is awesome. Everything is here and intact. I want to thank you both for the wonderful service. The Pavilions 1st use will be at this years Pennsic! Once again Thank you both so much.
Scranton, PA

Wow, That was quick!!! I am so excited to finally have a beautiful period tent to enjoy at the wars. Thank you for all your hard work and for all your helpful information!! I can’t wait to set it up!! I will most likely order a canopy sometime in the near future when funds are a little better, so we will definitely keep in touch. And thank you for getting the signature confirmation I REALLY appreciate it! Thanks again,
Glendale, CA


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The Marquee

The marquee is appropriate for virtually all historical eras of re-enacting.  Excellent for merchants as well as family camps. The high peak and walls provide generous headroom and abundant useable space of any shelter.


One of the ornamental additions to any marquee is the colorful scallop that runs the perimeter of the tent. However, one of the problems you run into is windy conditions blowing rain under the edge of these. To combat this nuisance we’ve added a strip of canvas approximately as wide as the scalloping edge along the inside. Your curtains hang up in between this strip and the scallop, thus sealing out the wind and rain.

One of the nicest features about the Marquee is the extra flexibility built into the curtain design. A great deal of planning and practical application has gone into developing this concept so that you will be able to get the most for your tent dollar.

All of the other marquees we had seen had curtains that attached to a stationary “D-Ring” or tied to a sewn in tie. This method usually meant two things. First was that your curtains always had to stay in the same place. If your door overlap was on the corner of the tent, that’s where it always had to be. Secondly, putting up and taking down the curtains was quite difficult and time consuming. This was especially true for the tie method where you must hold up the curtain and tie off each point at the same time.

We developed a method to eliminate both of these problems. The Marquee canopy comes with a 3/16” cotton rope strung tightly around the perimeter between the scallop and guard flap. Your curtains hang on this rope by small brass S-Hooks. Obviously the curtains go up and down much more quickly, and you can move the curtains around to position them anywhere you want. This means that your door can be at a corner, in the middle of one side, or anyplace in between, depending upon your wishes. You may substitute snap hooks for the brass S-Hooks if you’d like to.

Our curtains are made up of vertical wall panels for added strength, and each curtain overlaps 17” with ties inside and out. This systems gives you maximum protection from the weather.
All rectangular and square marquees come with four curtains, so you can have as many as four doors!
It is more work to make the extra curtains, rather than have one for the whole tent, but we’ve found that by having multiple curtains your flexibility of set-up is greater. A lot of times we’ll drop more than one side to get a breeze, and in the rain we’ll usually just drop one side curtain. On sunny days you may wish to use one of
the curtains as a side canopy extending from the tent. We put brass grommets on two corners of the curtains so that you can do just that! POLE TIES are available for $25.00 extra, and attach midway up at each pole. Be aware that if you use pole ties, your curtains must always stay in the same position. In other words, you lose the flexibility of moving the doors around. The only exception to this rule is if you order the seam engineered style.


Peak end double layer reinforcement.
Peak grommets are standard
Ridge line reinforcement strip runs entire length to eliminate abrasion from your ridge pole.
Interior Ridge Line has 3 pole ties for stabilization.
Corner seams get an extra layer to prevent stretching.
Each pole position has a ½” brass grommet set through multiple layers of canvas and heavy duty webbing.
Curtains hang between two valances for added weather protection.
Scallop or straight edge has 16 varieties of colored trim available!
17” overlap with Heavy duty rolled ties inside and out Vertical wall panels canvas peg loops add strength

Slanted walls have grown in popularity over the last several years. One reason is that they increase your floor space significantly. Wooden chests, baskets and canvas bags full of camp gear can be stored next to the base of the wall without interfering with your original living area. The only drawback to the slant wall is that you can’t move the curtains around as freely. The doorway must stay in the center of the walls, and cannot be placed at the corners.

One of the most beneficial options available on most tents is the 10” turn in flap at the base, called the sod cloth. It especially comes in handy on wall tents and wedge tents. Strangely enough it can actually be a 50/50 proposition on the marquee. Your perimeter poles will sit on top of the sod cloth unless you have slant walls. The positive side to this is that your wall curtain is held in place more firmly. The negative side is that the pole can push the sod cloth down into the mud and promote rotting in that spot! Therefore, you need an extra barrier UNDER the sod cloth to protect it.

Please keep this information in mind when choosing options for a marquee!

You may choose from among the eight designs below for your marquee scallops.
We also do custom designs on request. Send a sketch for pricing.

Styles E and G are slightly extra, but all the other styles are included in the price of your tent.

NOTE: If no design is specified we’ll make you the standard scallop with red trim.

Scallop Trims and Colors

A) Standard Scallop
B) George Washington
C) Straight Edge
D) Block Design
E) Dragon’s Tooth (Extra Cost)
F) King Arthur
G) Serpent Scales (Extra Cost)
H) Chivalry

Standard Scallop George Washington Scallop Block Scallop, Black Braid
Dragon's Tooth Scallop, Burgundy Braid King Arthur, Plum Braid Chivalry Scallop, Black Braid

Scallop Braid Color Choices


Sky Blue

Terra Cotta


Pearl Gray



Pacific Blue




Forest Green

Dark Blue



Some prefer the flame retardant canvas for their marquee because it is so much whiter than other canvasses. Other folks like one of the Sunforgers® because they’re so much lighter in weight.
We’ve tried both, and each has its own merits. Choose according to your own tastes. Our personal choice is Sunforger for stores (because of light coming through to illuminate the interior in the daytime) and flame retardant for living quarters (because there isn’t a high transparency factor for lights on the inside).
Of course, the 13 oz. Sunforger Flame retardant is the best on the market for ANY type of primitive tent. While it may be more than you’d need for occasional use, we highly recommend it for merchants.
For a complete description of each canvas.

We’ve designed a special 3’ wide piece of canvas with the stove hole sewn in 4 feet up for marquees. This eliminates the need for a stove hole in your marquee curtains and enables you to move your stove anywhere around the edge of your tent that you wish. It hangs in place just like the curtains. The cost for this special flap is $70.00. It’s available ONLY on flame retardant tents.  Camp Stoves  

Made in virtually any size, depending on the size and style of your tent.  A reinforced lattice-style opening is covered by and oversized flap.  You control the flap from the ground with grounds.  Think of it as a skylight that let hot air escape from your tent!

Our Complete Set Up Packages provide you with all the poles you need to set up your tent. However, you’ll also get complete instructions on how to make your own poles, just in case you want to go that route. Ridge poles can be made from 2x4’s and the ridge support uprights can be 3x3’s or cut off tipi poles. 2x2’s can be used for the perimeter poles, or we can provide them. Never cut your poles until you have your tent to use as a guide. This insures a good custom fit.

If you go with our standard sized marquee (6’ high walls) your perimeter poles will need to be 6’ long and your ridge support uprights will be 10’ long. (less the diameter of your ridge pole).

7’ walls are available for your marquee for $60 extra. This option is especially popular with traders because it provides easier access to the inside of the store for customers. If you choose this option your perimeter poles will need to be 7’ long and your two ridge uprights will be 11’ long.

Many of our Medieval customers like to add color to their marquee. We offer Red, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, Khaki and Purple in the “Flame Retardant” canvas.

If you like, you can have us “Seam Engineer” your tent. This is also called “Skeletal Framework Design”, and what it means is that your pole positions (grommets or loops) are placed at every seam instead of at measured intervals around the tent’s perimeter. If you request this option, it is no additional charge.
Certain tents, like rounded or belled ones are made this way automatically by the very nature of their design, but you have a choice on certain sizes of tents that are square or rectangular.


Any square or rectangular tent whose dimensions are divisible by 3 can be seam engineered. For example, a 9’x12’ marquee can be seam engineered. The resulting tent would actually measure about 8’3”x11’ (3 panels of canvas wide x 4 panels of canvas long minus an allowance for seams). For your convenience, we’ve placed a * on the price chart beside any tent for which seam engineering is available. Please note that by choosing this option you will end up with a tent that is smaller than the normal size on the chart.


All your roof seams will automatically line up with your wall seams, so your tent has a more symmetrical look.
Also, because your poles are closer together, and because they are all lined up with your seams you can get a more rigid set up on a large tent such as a marquee. All of your support poles are about 33” apart from each other on this style of tent and only full width panels of canvas are used.


Your tent will require more poles for set-up. For example, our standard 18’x24’ marquee takes 20 perimeter poles, but if it is “seam engineered” it needs 30. More importantly, because each panel of canvas is only about 33” wide after allowing for seams, the actual size of our 18’x24’ marquee becomes about 16’6”x22’ (8 panels long x 6 panels wide). Because canvas lots vary in width, these dimensions will vary.

Here are the approximate dimensions of our marquees after they’ve been seam engineered.
9’x12’ becomes about 8’3”x11’    
9’x15’ becomes about 8’3”x13’9”
12’x12’ becomes about 11’x11’
12’x15’ becomes about 11’x13’9”
12’x18’ becomes about 11’x16’6”
15’x15’ becomes about 13’9”x13’9”
15’x18’ becomes about 13’9”x16’6”
15’x21’ becomes about 13’9”x19’3”
18’x18’ becomes about 16’6”x16’6”
18’x24’ becomes about 16’6”x22’

Contact us to find out how many extra poles, ropes & stakes you’ll need and how much cost they will add to your set-up package.

10’x16’  Rectangular Marquee
George Washington Scalloped Edging, Burgundy Braid
12’x14’  Rectangular Marquee
Serpent Scales Scalloped Edging, Red and Black
Medieval Color Option ~ Red, White and Black
Rectangular Marquee
Painted by their owners



* Denotes a size that can be seam engineered.

STORM ROPES - 3/8” manila for over-the-roof. Extra protection in a storm! $10.00
- Regular and Super Ground Cloths
- The above sizes come standard with 6’ walls and a 10’ peak. To increase the wall ht. by 6” or 12” costs $70 extra
   (This will also increase the height of your 2 center uprights by the same amount).
SLANT WALLS - $50.00
- (Available only for flame retardant tents) $60.00 installed.
- $110.00
- $30.00 (midway up curtain at each pole location)

PAINTING - Decorative seam stripes for the roof of your tent.  We will do this for you in the color of your choice from our selection of acrylic canvas paint.


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Oval Marquee

You see a lot of these sprouting up at rendezvous and historical re-enactments. They’re not as space efficient as the rectangular marquee, (a 10’x14’ oval marquee has 30% less square footage than its rectangular counterpart), but the rounded ends make the tent very attractive. So, while you don’t see too many of these used for stores they’ve become quite popular for family camps!

15’x24’ Oval Marquee
George Washington Scalloped Edging, Black Braid

9’x16’ Oval Marquee
Block Scalloped Edging, Blue Braid
Medieval Color Option ~ Blue an White Striped

Oval Marquee
George Washington Scalloped Edging, Green Braid
Seam Painting ~ Green

You get the same superior design and reinforcements as in our rectangular marquee, and you may choose between straight or slanted walls.



Our standard 6’ walls can be raised 6” or 12” for $60. Your peak ht. will be raised by the same amount, and the set-up package will cost an extra $35.00. 

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“Classic Pitch” Tall Marquee

Many of the early marquees and pavilions had steeply pitched roofs, giving them a much higher ceiling. One reason for this was that the water repellency of these early fabrics wasn’t up to today’s standards, and the steeper slope of the roof facilitated quicker run off of rain and snow. The steeper slope also allowed our forefathers to eliminate the perimeter poles when needed and support the eaves with guy ropes only. Of course, this also meant that taller center poles and more set-up space were needed to erect the tent. We recommend sticking with the perimeter poles. Modern fabric treatments, limited set-up space and a preference for shorter poles have led to today’s marquee designs, with shorter peak heights. However, because it makes such a beautiful tent and it’s historically correct, we’re proud to offer it as an alternative to the lower peaked tents that you see at today’s events.

WALLS - Standard 6’ walls can be raised 6” or 12” for $70. Your peak ht. will be raised by the same amount and the set-up package will cost an extra $40.
Available on the above tents marked with *. This will increase the cost of your set-up package (Contact us for prices). Sizes on rectangular tents will be approx. 9% smaller. Oval 15’x24’ will be approx. 15’x23’3” when seam engineered.
- $50.00.
- Decorative seam stripes look great on this tent. We will do this for you in red, black or blue. (15’ wide rect. $180.00, 18’ wide rect. $250, 13’ wide oval $200, 15’ wide oval $240) Paint is available for the do it yourselfer!
- 3/8” manila for over-the-roof. Extra protection in a storm! $10.00
- 24"x48" for $60.00  30"x60" for $75.00

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Center Pole Marquee

20'x20'  - George Washington Scallops

18'x18' - Block Scallops, Black Braid

20'x20'' - Block Scallops, Black Braid

12'x12' with Fly - Dragon Tooth Scallops, Burgundy  Braid
Possible Floor Plan of a 16'x'16 Marquee  

If you are a merchant or camper who often goes to events alone, but you want the space of a marquee, our center pole design may be just what you’ve been looking for. The peak is supported by a single center pole instead of the standard three pole configuration. This means that you can set this up by yourself. No more asking for help raising the ridge pole! We’ve designed the peaks on this tent to be taller. The result is a nicer looking roof line and super quick drainage during rain showers! You get our unique curtain design and extra reinforcements along with your choice of scallop designs and braid colors.

Standard Wall Ht. is 6’ - To raise the wall ht. by 6” or 12” costs $70 extra. This will also increase the ht. of your center pole by the same amount and your Set-up package will cost an extra $40.
- $50.00
- Available on the tents above marked with *. This will increase the cost of your set-up package (Contact us for pricing). Sizes of each tent side will be approx. 9% smaller. (A 15’x15’ becomes about 13’9”x13’9” when it is seam engineered).

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The Trader's Tent

This is a cross between a marquee and a wall tent. The ends of the roof are straight like a wall tent but the 6’ walls are detachable and move-able like our marquee tents. The peak is 10’ on this tent. The flat end means that it is MUCH EASIER to have a fly coming off the end of your tent than with a marquee. You’ll also have fewer perimeter poles to carry because you’ll only need them on the sides, and not on the ends. The tradeoff is a longer ridge pole. The wall tent and the marquee are among the oldest types of tents around, and there were countless variations of each style.

Our standard Trader’s Tent comes with a straight edge and no braid on the valance. If you’d like scalloping instead there is an extra charge.  8 scallop designs and 16 braid colors to choose from! See below for pricing.

Constructed with the same reinforcements and design features as our marquee.6’6” or 7’ walls for the sizes below costs $70.00 (This will also increase the ht. of your center poles).

Add $40 to the set-up package price for tents with 6’6” or 7’ walls.

 - Since this tent has no poles on the end, only the long sides will be altered. The 14’x18’ would turn out approx. 14’x16’6”. The 16’x24’ would be approx. 16’x22’. This will increase the cost of your set-up package. (Contact us for pricing).

Styles A,B,C,D,F,H .50¢ per foot. Styles E or G 1.50¢ per foot.
STORM ROPES - 3/8” manila for over-the-roof. Extra protection in a storm $10.00

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Marquee Flys

The very shape of the marquee presents unique challenges for attaching a fly. It seems that there is no perfect solution, so we’ve developed three styles and listed the pros and cons of each one for you.

For rectangular marquees ONLY, this fly extends 10 ft. beyond the end of your marquee. We make it slightly wider than your marquee, and it uses totally separate perimeter poles. You’ll need a 10’ ridge, another ridge support upright and a few perimeter poles (7-9 depending on size) to set this up. It is a little tricky to set up because one end of the ridge pole rests on top of the ridge pole for the marquee and this can be tough to get into place. You may need a stepladder!

However, this style makes the best looking marquee fly around, and if you don’t mind the extra set up time, you’ll be pleased with all the extra room.

9’, 10’or 12’wide . . . . . . .$385
Sizes 14’ and wider . . . . .$440
(Pkg Includes Splices For Ridge & Upright)

For rectangular or oval marquees, this fly attaches at the ridge line of your tent. It covers one entire side and extends approx. 8’ to 12’ past the eaves (depending on the size of your tent). You’ll need 2 to 5 perimeter poles to support the wider, flared out end. Again, the tricky part is the set up. You must align the fly grommets with those on the tent ridge line and spear them with the center upright pins. Then you’ll need screw on finials (use threaded rod for upright pins) and/or guy ropes to keep everything in place while raising the tent and using the fly. Fewer perimeter poles makes this fly an attractive alternative.

It is advisable to use guy ropes on the opposite side of the marquee (from the peak to the ground) to counter the pulling action of the fly.


For use with rectangular, center pole, or traders tents, this marquee fly is the easiest to set up. We match up the grommets with those on the long side of your tent, and you add perimeter poles along the other three sides. This comes out 10’ from your tent. (Call for pricing on other sizes). Unlike the other two flys, you will get water runoff at the gap between the fly and the tent, and you’ll need to lower the front edge of the fly to drain water during a rain shower.

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Medieval Tents and Pavilions

Nobody can say with absolute certainty just exactly how the original Medieval pavilions were erected. Many people, citing period artwork, believe they did not use side poles. Some believe that the early pavilions didn’t rely solely on guy ropes to hold out the eaves. There are depictions of pavilions, still holding their full shape, with no ropes attached and just a center pole visible.

How is this possible? The most logical answer is either a suspended wheel or spokes to support the eaves. We’ve experimented with both and concluded that the spoke wheel design is the better alternative.

Set up is as easy: 1 -Stake the bottom of the walls 2 -Raise the center pole into place 3 -Insert the spokes into the hub

Ropes are added to the exterior eave loops for insurance against high winds.


The obvious advantage of the spoke wheel design is the ease of transport. A bundle of spokes takes up far less room than several perimeter poles, and one person can erect the spoke wheel in about half the time it takes for a perimeter pole style. Also, the absence of the poles means more unobstructed floor space, and the spokes are perfect for supporting partition curtains.

On the other hand, the use of perimeter poles gives you more places to hang things. By using our pole hooks on each pole, you can hang clothing, bags, etc. The spoke wheel can handle very light-weight items, but you should not hang or store anything very heavy on the spokes.

Our spoke wheel pavilion design features a heavy duty laminated wooden hub and smooth sanded round poplar spokes. Double layered canvas pockets secure the other end of each spoke, and the peak of the tent has our usual superior reinforcing. The eave has an extra layer of reinforcing that runs the entire perimeter of the roofline.

Carousel Pavilion
10.38 oz Sunforger Canvas
King Arthur Scalloped Edging, Plum Braid
Carousel Pavilion ~ inside view
10.38 oz Sunforger Canvas
King Arthur Scalloped Edging, Plum Braid
Carousel Pavilion
Dragon Tooth Scalloped Edging, Red Braid
Optional Seam Painting ~ Red
Carousel Pavilion with Dining Fly
eautifully custom painted

The Carousel Pavilion

A beautiful round pavilion with two doorways for better ventilation. The Carousel comes complete with a sleeved center pole, hub, spokes, stakes and wind ropes. We generally make this as a one piece tent but detachable walls with snaps and D-Rings are available for an extra $65.00.  Shape fitted floors are also available. We make them out of Sunforger canvas for minimum shrinkage, and they serve as a rough pattern for where to drive your stakes for set-up. These are also available in our “Super Ground Cloth” design.

Set up:
1. Stake the bottom of the walls
2. Raise the center Pole into place
3. Insert the spokes into the hub
The advantage of the spoke wheel design is the ease of transport. A bundle of spokes takes up far less room than several perimeter poles, and one person can erect the spoke wheel in about half the time it takes for a perimeter pole style.  Also, the absence of the poles means more unobstructed floor space and the spokes are perfect for supporting partition curtains.
The spoke wheel pavilion design features a heavy duty laminated wooden hub and smooth sanded round poplar spokes. Double layered canvas pockets secure the other end of each spoke, and the peak of the tent has our usual superior reinforcing. The eave has an extra layer of reinforcing that runs the entire perimeter of the roof line.

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The Round Marquee

If you’d like a Carousel Pavilion designed for use with perimeter poles instead of the spoke wheel design, we can make it for you for the prices below. This is basically a round marquee with reinforced brass grommets at the pole positions. Slanted walls are standard, and all options (sod cloth, color, floors, etc.) are the same price as for the Carousel Pavilion shown above. Walls are made as a separate two curtain detachable piece. Poles, ropes and stakes are sold separately for this pavilion.

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The Imperial Pavilion

The perfect home when our Carousel Pavilion just isn’t quite big enough. It is basically two half spoke wheels connected by a middle section to form an oval living space. No perimeter poles are needed.

The Imperial is made with detachable curtains, which are held in place by snaps and D-Rings. We install two archway door openings, opposite each other for ventilation. Each opening comes with a removable door flap that can be tied securely closed from inside or out.  The walls are 6’6” tall, and they slant out two feet, to provide an extra 4 feet to the width and length of the tent base. (The 8x16 size is 12x20 at the base.)  This beautiful pavilion comes complete with two sleeved center upright poles, hubs, spokes, stakes and wind ropes. We also offer a shape fitted floor made of Sunforger canvas or our Super Ground Cloth option.  These serve as a rough pattern for where to drive your stakes for set up.

OPTIONAL CANOPY FLY - 8’ wide x 8’ deep, this attaches to the tent under the scalloped edging, over either of your doorways. The front is supported by three 6’ poles with guy ropes (sold separately).

Complete set-up pkg. for Canopy Fly (poles, Ropes & Stakes)         $93.00

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The Henry VIII Pavilion

The 400 pavilions erected at a 1520 meeting between Henry VIII and Francis I were so ornate that they were dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World. Our Henry VIII Pavilion is taken from artists’ recordings of this summit, known as the Field of the Cloth of Gold.

Two complete “Carousel” spoke wheel pavilions, connected by a hallway, create the most beautiful pavilion anywhere! Archway door openings with removable door flaps grace opposite sides of the hallway for your main entrances. We’ve also installed an extra over flap-facing style door in the rear of each round end for more private access.


The walls are detachable, and we’ve designed the two round ends so that they can be used as independent “Carousel” pavilions when desired. When combined as shown above, each of the rounds has the ability to be closed off from the rest of the pavilion for privacy.  The Henry VIII Pavilion comes with two sleeved center poles - one for each Carousel, 2 hubs - one for each Carousel, 32 spokes - 16 for each Carousel, an extended sleeved ridge pole - in order to make the hallway, stakes and wind ropes.  The Ridge Pole comes in two sections which are spliced together with a metal sleeve.  The Ridge Pole has metal pins added to each end that allow you to attach it to the uprights of the Carousels through predrilled holes in the uprights.


Examples: Field of Gold Tent Plans


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The Regent Pavilion

Only 5 poles, 8 ropes and some tent stakes are needed to set up the Regent!

A very popular style throughout the ages, the Regent is fabulous for an average sized family with gear. It sets up with one center pole and four corner poles. Walls are 6’ high.
The roof portion is square while the base of the slanted walls is an octagon. This gives you LOTS OF ROOM without having to cart around all those poles! The Regent is a one piece tent, made with two doorways to give you plenty of ventilation on hot days!

A separate canopy fly can be added to increase your outside socializing area. We make these the same width as the eave of your tent and they extend 12’ forward. The flys attach above your doorway with snaps and D-rings and two matching grommets to go over your tent’s corner pole pins. The front edge of the fly uses two 6’ upright poles, and a central prop pole provides slope for rain. All three of these poles, as well as ropes and stakes are included in the Set-Up Package for the canopy fly. The Fly that is sold with the Regent does not come standard with walls or attachment points for walls though they can be added at an additional cost. Likewise we would like to make you aware that in rainy weather water does drain between the Fly and Regent due to the fact that this fly peak is higher than the point where it attaches to the Regent. For this reason we found that it was best not to use a ground cloth that extended past the door as the water would puddle at the door and wick across the ground cloth. We offer a choice of 6' or 7' uprights/walls on the Regent.  My husband and I are 5'5" however we found that by having 7' uprights/walls it gives a much more open concept to the tent and allows the heat to rise a bit more keeping the tent more comfortable in the midst of summer weather.


16' x 16' Regent Pavilion
13 oz. Sunforger with Flame Retardant Canvas
Block Scalloped Edging, Black Braid
12' x 12' Regent Pavilion with Sunshade
Flame Retardant Canvas
Block Scalloped Edging, Black Braid
16' x 16' Regent Pavilion with Sunshade
Dragon Tooth Scalloped Edging, Black Braid
Seam Painting on Roof ~ Black
12' x 12' Regent Pavilion with Sunshades both front and back 12' x 12' Regent Pavilion ~ inside view Location of Wall Stakes
PDF: Floor Plan of 16' Regent with Fly

For 7' Walls add $70.00. This will also raise your peak ht. by 12".

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The Anglo-Saxon Geteld

An early ancestor of today’s wedge tent! The Geteld is of North European origin. It is illustrated in many early manuscripts, including the Utrecht Psalter (820A.D.), where the doors are shown to have ties for closure.

Our Getelds, like the early illustrations, are made with a longer base than ridgeline and finished off with a tapered door at each end. The ridge pole is situated in a specially designed sleeve above the peak and it extends 6” beyond each end of the tent’s ridge line.

Move your doors to one side (where the tapered end meets the tapered body of the tent). This enables you to raise one side of the tent as a canopy fly.
(Extra poles and ropes required). This option cost $40.00.

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The Trojan Horse

We’ve made plenty of canvas covers to fit carport frames and other modern break-down canopy frames. A standard and popular size is the 10’8” wide x 20’ long with 6’8” sidewalls. You can find this model at you local mass merchandiser.  Here are prices for the canvas cover that we make for this particular size, with four detachable walls and straight edging on the eaves. ( Frame is not included.)

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Roman Wall Tent

The originals were made of leather. We make ours out of canvas and reinforce them exactly the same as our standard wall tents on page 38. Set up packages include 2 uprights, 1 ridge pole, side wall guy ropes and stakes. Khaki colored canvas looks great for this tent!


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Medieval Wedge Tents

Among the earliest of tents, these came in predominantly large sizes with open ends at the peaks and overlapping doors at both ends. We offer the original size, taken from the tent frame found in a Viking ship (14’7” W x 17’3” L x11’5” H). Of course all sizes are heavily reinforced for maximum strength.

This wedge was supported entirely by a free-standing framework of poles (not included). No stakes are necessary because the base is held by a pole that runs lengthwise down each side. The ridge pole is supported by cross poles at each end. (These were usually carved ornately on the tops). We sew a sleeve large enough for a 2”x4” along the base, down each long side of your tent. The entire tent, frame and all can be moved around without dismantling.

We supply you with the measurements and instructions for making your frame.



Very similar to the Viking tent except it sets up with a ridge pole and uprights. Therefore, we sew rolled canvas peg loops on the base instead of the 2”x4” sleeve, and you’ll need tent stakes to set it up.




12’x16’ Double Belled Wedge with Canopy Fly 12’x16’ Double Belled Wedge
George Washington Scalloped Edging
The owners have added a beautiful paint job to provide for a unique appearance.

This is an extremely old design. We offer it in two sizes; 12’ wide x 16’ long (4’ Ridge) and 12’ wide x 20’ long (8’ Ridge).  Our set up package for this tent consists of 2 uprights, a ridge pole and stakes. These are 8’ tall and come standard with two doors, for ventilation and flexibility of laying out your floor plan. Scalloped edging along the ridge line on both sides is standard.  A canopy fly is available to come off one side and give you a shade/rain protector. It extends 16 feet from the peak of your tent (10’ from the base of your door way). Please specify your scallop and braid choice.

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The Personal Pavilion

The perfect size for your necessary room, camp shower, or for single occupancy. The personal pavilion sets up using only one pole and eight ropes & stakes. It measures a compact 5’ in diameter at the eaves, 7’ in diameter at the base and has 5’ high walls with a peak of 8’6”.  We make this pavilion all in one piece for ease of set up, and the overlapping door closures provide you with privacy!

Many of our Medieval customers like to add color to their marquee. We offer Red, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, Khaki and Purple in the “Flame Retardant” canvas. 

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Wedge Tents

Wedge Tent

You may choose from 7 basic sizes and a variety of options for each size. The wedge tent is very easy to put up (only 3 poles needed) which makes it history's most popular tent.



The KID’S WEDGE is a great way to give mom and dad a little privacy, and instill a sense of responsibility into the kids. It can be set-up with just 2-6’ uprights, 2 ropes and 12 stakes!



We’ve found that it is nice to have the added flexibility that peak grommets give you. They are particularly helpful when it comes to adding on a tent fly. If you do not want peak grommets just let us know, and we’ll leave them off!

The bells on our standard wedges extend the length of the tent base without any change in the ridge  pole length. The advantage is added space for storing gear. If you’d like this option, it is available both with and without a door in the bell.

We highly recommend sod flap for all of the tents we make. The sod flap is a 10” turn in along the base of the tent. It seals gaps due to uneven ground and we put it on all four sides of your wedge tent. If you’d like a bell back, we put a separate piece of sod flap on each panel of the bell for maximum  overage, so there is an extra charge.

The chart on the next page shows you our standard sizes of wedge tents. Our REALLY BIG Medieval Wedges can be found below, and of course, we can make you any size you want. Just send in a sketch with the dimensions and we’ll get you a price.


Medium Wedge with Bell Back
Block Scalloped Edging ~ Black Braid




Our Bell Wedges give you LOTS of extra headroom and usable space, while requiring only 3 poles and some tent stakes for set up.
- 8’ tall, 10’ wide, 11’2” long plus a 5’ bell (16’2” overall length). Gives you about 150 square feet of floor space.
- Even roomier! 8’ tall, 12’ wide, 14’ long plus a 6’ bell for an overall length of 20’ and approx. 225 square feet of floor space.
- Like those on the standard bell wedge shown to the right are available in any of our acrylic paint colors . The cost for this service is $90.00 for the standard size and $135.00 for the SUPER size.

ADD A DOOR! - You may add a door to the bell of any tent for $25.00
are available for wedges sizes 3”, 4”, 5” or 6”. $60.00 installed. These are available only for flame retardant tents.

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Wall Tents

The wall tent has left a long trail through history. It has been used for centuries and it came in all sorts of sizes.The extra height on the peak and the sidewalls gives you MORE HEADROOM than most tents, and the traditional inside pole design makes for easier set up.


The inside pole, or “eastern style” wall tent is the oldest and most authentic wall tent design. It can be set up with as few as three poles; two uprights and a ridgepole. Using this set up, guy ropes are attached to the loops at the tops of the wall and staked out along both sides of the tent. Another variation of this set up involves running a side pole horizontally through the loops at the top of each wall and supporting it with a couple of short uprights and 4 or 5 short guy ropes. This method takes up less set up space but requires hauling some extra poles. Our complete set up instructions show you how to do BOTH of these methods, including pole lengths, number and length of ropes, stakes, etc.

Although selecting the right size is often a matter of personal preference, there are a couple of things to remember when choosing. For instance, what you use for pole transport may limit the size of ridge pole you can haul. The longest poles you will have are usually the ridge pole (same length as your tent) and the outside wall pole (about one foot longer than your tent). We offer steel sleeves for splicing ridgepoles or uprights. Also, if you purchase our set up package any pole over8’ long (ridge or 2 uprights) will be spliced for you automatically. Please note that we don’t sell outside wall poles. Our set up packages include guy ropes that attach directly to the wall loops or grommets.

We make your wall tent with a door on each end. This adds all-weather flexibility to your tent. In the summer, you can create a nice breeze by opening each end. In the winter you can close these doors snugly, because they have 6” overlapping facings with ties both inside and out. If you want one end solid instead, just tell us, and we’ll do it at no extra charge.

A 2” overhang protects each wall from rain, serving as a drip edge.
We believe in having plenty of loops and we space all peg loops and wall loops 24” apart for your convenience. Seam Engineering would leave them approx. 33” apart.
You may substitute our brass grommets for the loops along the top of your walls at no charge.
Each wall tent comes with a set of set-up instructions and a pole requirement sheet.
If you want to put a stove hole in your tent, send us detailed sketches of exactly where you want the insert sewn. Our inserts are heat resistant up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit! The inserts cost $45.00 sewn in. If you don’t specify which size hole (3”, 4”, 5”, or 6”) or location, we’ll just install a 4” hole in the end of the tent (the standard location). Available ONLY on flame retardant tents.
We will put ties in your tent and make a partition to fit inside if you wish. When you order this option tell us how far from the end you want the partition and we’ll put the ties for it in the nearest seam. Sewing the ties in the seam gives more support to your partition.
We highly recommend the sod flap. It is a 10” turn in along the ground that seals off gaps from uneven ground, and we put it on all 4 sides of your tent for an extra charge.
Wall Scallops add pizzazz to your tent and are available in 8 styles and 16 colors of braid!
Peak Grommets are standard.


Ridge line reinforcement strip runs the entire length, to protect against abrasion from ridge pole.
Double thick 2” tab for wall loops
Heavy duty 1” wide cotton webbing wall loops
Rolled Canvas Peg Loops with nylon core
Base corner reinforcement
6” overlap facing, inside & out
All peg loops are rolled canvas, 4 layers thick!
Double rolled back seam gives a sill effect for better water shedding ability
Peak is 4 layers of canvas thick
Doors have roll up ties for hot days!
Peak grommets are standard

One of the reasons our wall tents are so popular is the extra high walls and peak, but we’ve heard your calls for a smaller wall tent that you can take by yourself to a weekend event or hunting trip and set up with only 3 poles.
Here are two sizes that fit the bill nicely.


* Denotes a size that can be Seam Engineered. See Below.

* Seam Engineering - 10’x12’ becomes 10’x11’; 12’x12’ becomes 12’x11’; 12’x18’ becomes 12’x16’6”; 14’x18’ becomes 14’x16’6”.

 Ground Cloths - We offer them in regular and our “SUPER GROUND CLOTH”.
Wall Scallops - Choose from 8 styles and 16 trim colors! Cost is $2 per running foot for styles A, B, C, D, F or H and $3 per running foot for styles E or G. [Example: For a 10’x10’ wall tent in Style “B” the Cost is $40.00 (20 ft. x $2 = $40.00)].
Partition - with overlapping doorway - $75.00
Stove Hole Insert - Comes in 3”, 4”, 5” or 6” size. Complete w/cover flap $60.00.
Available ONLY for flame retardant tents.
Taller Walls - Raise your walls one foot for $50.00
Split Corners - For wall roll up corners can be split w/overlap facings and ties for $50.00
Poles are Available Separately - Call for pricing, or get them in our Set-Up Package!

Need a wall tent that’s a little different? Send us your sketch with measurements and we’ll get you a price. We can make your tent wider, taller, longer, or shorter. We can change the design to accommodate your custom set-up needs, add extra ties, loops or grommets. Let us know what your dream tent looks like. Chances are we’ve already made one similar to it, because custom orders are our specialty. Whether you need a tent made to the military specifications of your regiment, or you just have a creation of your own, Panther will make you a shelter you’ll be proud to own.


There are many, many uses for tent flys, both by themselves and in conjunction with other tents. With a wall tent or a wedge tent, a fly can be used as an insulation barrier, as a sun/rain canopy, or as both at the same time.
Our tent flys are designed to come off the end of a wall tent or wedge tent. We make our wall tents and non-military wedge tents with peak grommets so you can support one end of the fly’s ridge pole on top or your tent, requiring just one more center upright to hold up the other end.
We give you heavy duty triangular reinforcements in all 4 corners and at the peak grommet locations (Peak grommets are included).
Heavy duty cotton loops are spaced every 24” along the short sides of the fly.
An 8’x16’ fly gives you a 7’9” porch, a 10’x16’ fly gives you a 9’9” porch, and so on. 16’ long flys are long enough to provide a good canopy area for most sizes of tents, but we recommend the 18’ or 20’ long, for 14’ wide wall tents and wedge tents 8’ tall or higher.
NOTE: Our set-up pkg. for these includes guy ropes for the sides. No side poles are included.

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Dining Flys

10' x10' Dining Fly 16' x 16' Dining Fly
10 oz. Sunforger Canvas
Block Scalloped Edging, Black Braid
Inside Corner Outer Corner Pole with Ropes and Stake

A dining fly is a square, free standing structure, often used to shade and protect a table and chairs. It sets up with 4 corner poles and a center pole approx. 2’ longer than the corner poles.

Dining flys have a center reinforce­ment with a grommet for the center pole and a tie to attach to the center pole so that the fly stays down on the pole in windy conditions. Also standard are triangular reinforcements with grommets at each corner and ties every 24” around the edges.
Scallop Edging
Styles A, B, C, D, F or H $2 per foot. Styles E or G $3 per foot.
Side Curtains -
A 7’ tall curtain in any length for added wind, rain or sun protection. Walls have ties along the top and sides, and peg loops along the bottom. Adding walls does not turn a dining fly into an enclosed tent, but they sure are handy for use along one or two sides of your fly during a rainy weekend event!

Recommended Adaptations to the 16' x16' Dining Fly

To prevent your 16' x 16' Dining Fly from being misshapen by the wind, as pictured above,  or other possible wind damage we suggest the following adaptations which have proven to be extremely effective.
Four additional uprights and ropes, one set at the center of each side. The addition of a cleat to the center pole in order to secure the canvas to the center pole with the canvas tie which is standard in all Dining Flys.
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Ground Cloths

We highly recommend the use of a ground cloth with your tent. It keeps moisture from coming up through the ground and gives you a clean floor for walking and setting gear. When used in conjunction with a sod cloth, a ground cloth can completely seal out wind, moisture, and insects. Note: These are not flame retardant! Call for prices on flame retardant ground cloths. We offer you two styles of ground cloths to choose from.

- These are made of 10 oz. waterproof mildew resistant canvas. Colors may vary between off white to a tan/brown. This is the type of ground cloth that has been around for years. It has about a 7% shrinkage factor.

- In a matter of days a patch of pretty green grass can turn into a black mass of rotten goo on the bottom of your canvas ground cloth. That’s why for stays of a week or more we’ve created this SUPER GROUND CLOTH. The bottom is rip resistant woven blue polyethylene to seal out ground moisture and protect the SUNFORGER canvas top layer. You no longer have to carry a separate piece of plastic to lay down under your ground cloth, because its built right in to our SUPER GROUND CLOTH!
If you need pricing on a size not shown on the chart below, simply use the formula of .70¢/sq. foot for Regular Ground Cloth or $1.00/sq. foot for Super Ground Cloth.

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Showers and Privies


Primitive Shower Primitive Shower
Black Scalloped Edging, Black Braid
Primitive Shower, inside view 5 gallon Camp Shower


This will quickly become one of your best friends at any camping function. All you’ll need are 4 poles 7’ long and some guy lines to set it up. (Sold Separately)

Our shower includes: A 5 gallon water bag of black PVC to attract the sun’s heat. Complete with a 23” hose and spray regulator, this bag can heat water up to 120 degrees!    A handy canvas bag to hang inside for your soap, shampoo, etc. Our 10 oz. Sunforger canvas provides you with approximately 7’ high walls. (4’x4’ shower area)  Scallop Edges available at additional cost.  Contact us today for a quote.


The primitive shower is a must for those week long outings! PP2841-281-0     $135.00
Set-Up Pkg. (4 poles, 8 ropes & stakes)   $120.00



Four poles (2-7’ and 2-6’) and some extra rope are all you need to set up this canvas outhouse. (Sold separately)

Just put your chamber pot inside and you’re all set. No more worrying about those midnight journeys to the Port-A-Johns!

We’ve even stenciled a moon on the door for quick and easy identification in those emergency situations!

42”x42” size with a 7’ front and 6’ back. Made of 10 oz. Sunforger canvas!    $130.00
Set-Up Pkg. (4 poles, 8 ropes, stakes)     $120.00


Don’t get caught with your trews down…

Order your privy today!

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Made from our tent canvas scraps and seconds, so they’re cheap but still perform well! We leave the edges unhemmed. Use them as ground cloths, bed rolls, ponchos, and for covering coolers,firewood or anything else you want to keep dry or hidden.

 (Approx. 5’6”x5’6”)...............Ship Wt. 6 lbs........Catalog No. 1235-200-2........$25.00
 (Approx. 8’4”x8’4”)..............Ship Wt. 10 lbs.......Catalog No. 1235-202-2........$53.00
 (Approx. 11’2”x11’2”)..........Ship Wt. 15 lbs........Catalog No. 1235-204-2........$94.00

A tough canvas sleeping bag that has a flour sack bottom and ties up one side. Put your blankets right inside and use this as a pack-in unit or in conjunction with another tent. Roll it up and tie it to your pack for easy transport. The Single weighs 4 lbs. The Double weighs 8 lbs. We recommend flame retardant for use in tipis or around any open fire!


Flame Retardant Canvas

10.38 oz. Sunforger Marine Boatshrunk

10.38 oz. Sunforger with Flame Retardant

13 oz. Sunforger with Flame Retardant


Single, 80" long, 30" wide






Double, 80" long, 60" wide







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Tent Accessories

We recommend that you use special fabric paint on your tent, and that’s just what this is. We use it when we paint stripes on wedges, marquees and pavilions or when doing tipi designs. This paint is an acrylic that you thin with 50% to 80% water, for a long lasting, beautiful job. When diluted with 50% water each 8 oz. jar of paint equals approximately 1 fluid pint and will cover 35 square feet. 

(Ship Wt. 1 lb. ea.) PP2998-000-2 (Please specify color choice)    $9.50 per 8 oz. jar


If you’d like to waterproof a fabric this is the best stuff for the job! Leaves canvas soft and pliable, retards mildew, doesn’t change canvas color. Allow 1 gal./100 sq. ft. coverage. (Ship Wt. 9 lbs.)
PP1236-420-2     $ 20.00


For fabric this is handy spray bottle helps take out dirt stains. You will need to rewaterproof the canvas after using this.  32 oz. spray bottle. (Ship Wt. 1 lb.) PP2007-054-2  $17.00
For your homemade projects this is great for sealing seams. The 4 oz. can has a handy applicating brush
attached to the inside of the lid. (Ship Wt. 1 lb.)
PP1236-410-2   $ 9.75 ea.
A 2 oz. bottle of glue that’s w a t e r p r o o f , strong and lasting. Works great for small repairs on your tent as well as leather! (Ship Wt. ¼ lb.)
PP3100-001-2   $ 7.50

Every camp needs a fire extinguisher. In fact, some events have begun to require that each camp have one!
Our canvas cover keeps your gear primitive, with an authentic colonial era firefighting symbol. Fits the standard 14¼” tall x 3½”diameter canister (not included).  Ship Wt. 1 lb.)
PP1237-101-2 $15.00


You never know what might happen to your tent at an event. A falling branch can poke a hole in a tent and
you’ve got a sunroof whether you want it or not. I even know one camper who discovered that some kids were using his lean-to as a dartboard! It’s for just such emergencies that we put together this handy repair kit. It’s a first aid kit for your lodge, and it includes a waterproof canvas bag containing 2 - 18” x 18” patches (10 oz. waterproof), 2 oz. bottle of canvas & leather glue, 2 needles, palm thimble, 9 ft. of 3/4” tie material, and thread. (Ship Wt. 2 lbs.)
PP1236-800-2   $15.00


Some of the nicest stakes around. They are square, to help hold their position in the ground better. Our regular stake is just right for normal use, like wedge tents, wall tents and tip is. For extra tough jobs, like marquee ropes or tent fly guy ropes, we recommend our SUPER LONG (Ship Wt. 1 lb. per stake)

12” REGULAR STAKE (3/8” stock)   PP1003-200-3   $3.00 ea.
18” SUPER STAKE (1/2” stock)  PP1003-200-6   $4.50 ea.

This large drawstring bag is designed for transporting your tent. It protects against scuff marks and dirt. It’s large enough for any of our tents, but you’ll need two for tip is or marquees. Not recommended for long term storage. Approx. 40” wide x 31” high. (Ship Wt. 3 lbs.)
PP1239-100-2   $20.00


These 4” long wooden sliders have 7/16”diameter holes for adjusting the tension on your 3/8” manila ropes.
PP1006-017-1   $1.50 ea.


Keep your gear clean and organized with this handy bag for transporting your stakes. Available for either size of our hand forged tents takes. (Ship Wt. 1 lb.)

For Regular Stakes   13” x 17”  PP1003-200-4   $ 8.00 ea.
For Super Stakes      13” x 23”  PP1003-200-8    $ 10.00 ea.

What a great little item to have around! Just grab the stake with the hook end, twist the handle to jar the stake loose and pull! The 30” length saves wear and tear on your back because you can do the job while standing! (Ship Wt. 5 lbs.)



2 sizes for tent set up. 3/8” manila for all purpose jobs and 3/16” cotton wrapped poly-core cord for tipi liners and marble tie downs. (Ship Wt. 4 lbs. per 25 ft.)
3/8” manila PP1003-201-4 ......$ 3.00/25ft.
3/16” cotton cord PP1003-202-4...$ 6.00/50ft.


PRE-MADE ROPE SET!  We take a 12' long piece of manila rope, add the slider and a loop on one end.  Plenty long for up to a 7' tall side pole.  (Ship Wt. 1 lb ea.)  Cat No. 2009-017-4  $4.00 ea

Finials are the wooden turnings that sit atop your poles for wedge tents, wall tents, marquees and pavilions. In addition to their decorative value, finials also help keep water away from the holes in top of your tent that your pole pins come through. Made from assorted hardwoods. Each finial comes with a 1/4 diameter hole drilled 1" deep. You drill and paint to suit your tent! (Ship Wt. ½ lb.)

4 5/16” x 1 7/8” 4 3/8” x 1 7/8”  3 7/8” x  2 7/16”
$ 5.00

Just slip this iron hook around any 2” x 2” upright pole and you instantly have a place to hang things. The weight of it keeps it locked in place, so you can adjust it to any height on the pole with no need for nails or screws. Great for hanging lanterns, clothing, etc. The arm extends about 10” from your pole. We offer two sizes, Regular for lightweight items, and Heavy Duty for holding more weight. (Ship Wt. 1 lb. ea)
Regular Grabber Hook
¼” square stock   PP3031-030-2    $ 8.00
Heavy Duty Grabber Hook
3/8"  square stock   PP3031-031-4   $ 12.00

Pole hooks are great for hanging up clothing, bags, lanterns, etc. in your tent. These are hand forged iron!

Fits over the pin on your 2x2 upright pole. (Ship Wt. 1 lb. ea.)
PP3011-107-2    $6.00 ea.


Double hook fits over your
Regular Pole ridge pole. (Ship Wt. 1 lb. ea.)
PP3031-022-2    $8.00 ea.


Handy iron brackets that fit over your upright pin and hug the pole on you marquee sidewalls. It takes two brackets to create a 12” wide shelf (just add a 12” wide pine board). (Ship Wt. 2 lbs.)
PP3031-025-3   $25.00 ea.

4 layer thick, rolled canvas strap that hangs over your upright pin to create a shelf along the wall of your marquee. It takes 2 straps and a 12” wide pine board to create a shelf. (Ship Wt. ¼ lbs.) 
Single Shelf    PP1003-222-3   $  6.00 per strap
Double Shelf PP1003-223-3   $ 10.00 per strap
Triple Shelf    PP1003-224-3   $ 12.00 per strap


This long bag is big enough to hold 6 to 8 perimeter poles or uprights up to 7’ long. The bottom is double layered for extra strength. (Ship Wt. 3 lbs.)

PP1235-351-1      $22.00 ea.


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Set Up Kits, Poles and Sleeves

Save yourself the time and trouble of making poles, rope sets, etc! Our packages come with all the poles, ropes and tent stakes needed to set up your new home. Rope is top grade 3/8” manila with wooden sliders for tension adjustment. You’ll get enough of our iron stakes to set up your tent and a handy canvas carry bag for ropes & stakes.
You can’t find better poles than these! We use our top grade kiln dried lumber , and if a pole is over
8 feet long we automatically splice it for you and include our steel splicing sleeve. This way the package can be
shipped via UPS. Marquee tents have both center uprights and any ridge pole longer than 8 feet spliced.
If you do not wish to splice your poles just let us know and we’ll make them as one piece units.




With your tent you will receive instructions on what size poles are needed and how to make them. Also included is information on stakes & ropes. If you decide to make your own poles, wait until you get your
tent before you cut. This insures a custom fit!
However, if you choose our set up package (see above) your poles will be made for you of top grade kiln dried lumber. These tough wooden poles are the best we’ve seen. You’ll find that they provide peace of mind on those stormy nights! These are unfinished and ready for you to paint if you choose.
PERIMETER UPRIGHT POLES are 1½”x2” with an iron pin and a galvanized metal band around the top to prevent splitting! Used for marquee perimeter poles or wedges and wall tents 7’ tall and under.
6’ LONG     PP1000-126-1    Ship Wt. 5 lbs. ea.   $20.00 ea.
7’ LONG     PP1000-127-1    .Ship Wt. 5 lbs. ea.  $20.00 ea.

for marquees and large sizes of wall tents are a little bigger, 1½”x2½”, and are sectioned for easier transport and reduced shipping if the pole is over 8 feet long. CONTACT US FOR PRICES.
Also available, for extra tall center-pole style tents, are 2½” x 2½” poles. These are quite a bit more expensive than our standard center uprights, but nearly twice as strong. Contact us for pricing.

are 1½”x3½” with a curved top edge and holes placed 2” in from each end to accept upright pins. Poles longer than 8 feet are sectioned for you. CONTACT US FOR PRICES.

IRON PINS AND GALVANIZED CAPS for making your own upright poles.
Metal Caps - (Pole must be shaped to fit) Specify pin size. Cat No. 2009-100-1       $3.00 ea
Iron Pin -
3/8" dia x 10" long   Cat No. 2009-105-1           $4.00 ea
1/2" dia x 10" long   Cat No. 2009-107-1            $4.75 ea


STEEL SLEEVES - These 16 gauge steel sleeves come in three sizes for splicing our ridge poles or center poles. These are already included if you’re getting our set-up package and your pole(s) are longer than 8 feet. Ship Wt. 3 lbs. ea.
RIDGE SLEEVE (Has Rounded Top Edge) (Approx. 1½”x3½”x16”) PP1725-001-2  $30.00
CENTER POLE SLEEVE (Approx. 1½”x2½”x12”) PP1725-002-2   $30.00
LG. CENTER POLE SLEEVE (Approx. 2½”x2½”x12”) PP1725-003-2   $30.00

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Camp Stoves

Here are some of the best quality wood-burning stoves we’ve found for camping.

You’ll love this stove! We think that it’s the very best quality camp stove on the market, great for heating your tent AND cooking your supper. This one piece unit is formed and welded from extra heavy duty 1/8” steel. Features include a baffled and reinforced fire box, an airtight extra large door, a five inch ash and cinder pan and removable 12” legs so you can set up at two different heights. The ULTIMATE CAMP STOVE will burn either wood or charcoal and gives you LOTS of cooking area on top. The entire unit is finished off with high temperature black paint. AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES!

DIAMETER OF PIPE NEEDED (sold separately)
SMALL   4” Diameter
MEDIUM   5” Diameter
LARGE   5” Diameter  
*note that when legs are removed these stoves are approx. 13” high.

12”W x 16” L x 24”H
12”W x 24” L x 24” H
16”W x 24”L x 24” H 5”
Ship Wt. 62 lbs  
Ship Wt. 76 lbs   
Ship Wt. 89 lbs 

26-28 gauge galvanized stove pipe, elbows and caps let you lay out your own configurations. Match up these diameters with the stoves on these two pages. Ship Wt. 1 lb. per item. Replace ** in Cat. No. with size desired (03=3”; 04=4”; 05=5” and 06=6”)


3” 4” 5” 6”

24” Section of Pipe..........Cat. No. 3000-0**-1

$6.00 $7.00 $7.50 $8.00

Elbow..........Cat. No. 3000-1**-1

$5.00 $5.50 $6.00 $6.50

Cap Piece..........Cat. No. 3000-2**-1

$7.50 $8.00 $9.00 $10.00

This stove is truly top of the line. Constructed from galvanized steel with a double insulated bottom, our Rocky Mtn. model comes with a full 3 year warranty! The stove itself measures 13”x13”x22” long. The one pictured here has a side shelf, 5” diameter stove pipe, and a 4 gallon hot water tank attached. (The deluxe accessory pack). These are sold separately. Although it’s not a fold up stove, you can pack the stove pipe, water tank and side shelf inside the fire box for transport, and still have room for a 10 lb. bag of potatoes!
Cat. No. 3000-740-4....................................................................................$350.00
- Includes side shelf, 4 feet of stove pipe, 4 gal. water tank.
Cat. No. 3000-740-6........................................................$188.00 (Ship Wt. 15 lbs.)

Insulation encased in a sheet metal covering that has a “wood grain” design on it means our stove boards are both safe and attractive.
We highly recommend the use of one of these for any stove especially those with short legs. They reduce the heat that reaches your ground cloth. (Oversized Ships at 34 lbs.) 28”x32”.
Cat. No. 3000-009-2........................................$49.00

Made of a non-asbestos material that is heat resistant to 1,000° Farenheit, this insert is a necessity for stove use in your tent. Our stoves take 4”, 5” and 6” size pipes, but we’ll do any size you like. Easy to install in your tent, we even send instructions on how to do it. Also included is our specially designed cover flap, ready for you to sew onto the outside of your tent. Please specify which type
of canvas you’d like for your cover flap. (It must be one of our Flame Retardant Canvases.) Remember to specify 4”, 5” or 6” size. Also, a reminder: No materials can be counted on to be flameproof. The above temperature rating is meant as a general guideline only. You must always use caution and common sense whenever using a stove with your tent! These inserts are intended for use ONLY on tents made from flame retardant canvas! (Ship Wt. 1 lb.)
Catalog No. 3000-741-3..................$55.00
Installed in your tent at time of purchase.....................$60.00

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Tentage Information


Nobody even comes close to building a shelter with as much attention to reinforcing the stress areas as we do. Our tents set the standard for strength and durability. Over 30 years of camping experience has shown us that features like our full length ridge line reinforcements, while taking more time to install, WILL make a huge difference in how your tent holds up. Our obsession with quality and the resulting reinforcements means that a Panther tent is the most durable you can get!

All of the seams in your tent will be flat felled, with at least two rows of stitching. Roof seams are actually two rows of stitching through 4 layers of canvas (double stitched flat felled seam). This is the strongest and most water resistant way to join two pieces of canvas.

These days one must be careful when shopping for a specific sized shelter. The size listed in a catalog may be the “cut size” rather than the  “finished size.” Too many times we’ve heard from folks who’ve been fooled by this tactic and received a tent much smaller than they thought they were ordering. A marquee 18’x21’ can end up being more like 17’x20’ and a 10’x15’ wall tent that they cut a 15’ ridge pole for comes through at only about 14’2” long! All of our tents are listed in “finished sizes” so you know what you’re
getting for your money. None of them will vary more than a couple inches from the stated size.

Many of the options that you’d pay extra for elsewhere (like double doors on wall tents) are standard features of our tents, and when you buy one of our tents you get a complete support package along with it.  You get our 3 YEAR MATERIALS WARRANTY. Repairs due to materials not performing as promised are free!
(You pay only the shipping).
You get our LIFETIME WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY. Repairs due to a defect in workmanship are free for as
long as you own the tent! (You pay only the shipping).
You get easy to follow set up instructions.
You get “Caring For Tents”, our guide to a longer tent life.
Add in our OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE, Warranty, and In House Quality Controls and you definitely get more for your money from us!

When you buy a tent from us, we guarantee it to be superior to all others. After you set it up for the first time, if you’re not convinced that you’ve got THE BEST shelter on the market in your tent, return it to us in new condition and we’ll refund your purchase price. NO ONE makes a better shelter. NO ONE gives you comparable service after the sale.


FLAME RETARDANT 10.38 oz. Army Duck
This treatment is flame retardant, water repellent, and mildew resistant with a shrinkage factor of approximately 7%.
This canvas is very white and holds its color extremely well. The flame retardancy is just that, a RETARDANT! There’s no such thing as a FLAMEPROOF tent. Please exercise caution with any canvas when near fires, wood stoves, etc. This canvas meets California Fire Marshal’s Code CPAI-84; the standard by which flame retardant treatments are measured. Check with your Attorney General’s office for flame retardancy requirements on tents in your state!
NOTE! Flame retardancy will diminish within a few years. How long it will last on your tent will vary with use and exposure to the elements.
Colors! This canvas is also available in Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Black, Purple and Khaki! It’s the material we use to make our colorful Medieval tents, and it’s also available by the yard.

SUNFORGER® 10.38 oz. Army Duck
Sunforger® is a fantastic treatment that combines water repellency, marine finishing and boatshrunk application. The result is a strong, but lightweight canvas that sheds water, resists mildew, mold, algae, and fungi, and has a smaller shrinkage factor. Because it is a “Dry Application” finish, tents made of Sunforger are significantly
lighter in weight than tents made of other canvasses.

This canvas has the same properties as Sunforger®, but with a flame retardancy added. This canvas is lighter in weight than the above flame retardant, but just as strong. It is not a bright white like the other but it breathes better and has a smaller shrinkage factor. The flame retardancy is only a RETARDANT! There’s no such thing as a FLAME-PROOF tent. Please exercise caution with any canvas when near fires, woodstoves, etc. This canvas meets California Fire Marshal’s Code CPAI-84; the standard by which flame retardant treatments are measured. You should check with your Attorney General’s office for flame retardancy requirements on tents in your state!
NOTE! Flame retardancy will diminish within a few years. How long it will last on your tent will vary with use and exposure to the elements.

THE ULTIMATE! This extra heavy duty canvas is the same superior treatment as above, applied to an army duck that is 25% heavier! The result is a SUPER-CANVAS for extra harsh climates and a longer lasting tent.
On average, 13 oz. SUNFORGER has 30% more tare strength than the 10.38 oz. version. This is the toughest canvas on the market!

Anytime we join two pieces of canvas, they get two lines of lock stitching to hold them together. Roof areas are done with the double stitched flat felled seam. This means two rows of lock-stitching through 4 layers of canvas each. There is no such thing as a raw edge on any Panther tent. All edges are either hemmed or in a seam for extra strength and better appearance. The end edges of our wall tents and wedge tents are lapped and tucked
under. This creates a “sill edge” effect and works best for shedding water.

We’re talking about the brand along the selvage of Sunforger canvasses. With other manufacturers, you’re likely to see it over and over on the inside of your tent. We run 10,000 yards of Sunforger at one time,
and we do NOT let the mill put that branding on our material. Therefore all our seams are free of writing.

A round needle does not cut the canvas fibers like a triangular one does. We use only round needles to avoid this fabric damage and help the thread fill the needle hole more completely. We use a #12 poly-core, cotton wrapped thread on our lodges. The cotton threads just aren’t strong enough. The poly threads are strong but they can cut the canvas fibers, and poly thread won’t swell to fill the needle holes, and leakage can result.
With a poly-core, cotton wrapped thread you get the best of both types. It is much stronger than ordinary cotton thread and it lasts longer. The cotton wrap swells to fill the needle holes thus preventing leakage!

Peg loops are made of heavy duty rolled canvas and spaced at about 24” intervals around the base of your tent. We make these right here in the shop and everyone of them is a minimum of 4 layers of tightly woven army
duck canvas. These super strong loops are the sturdiest primitive loops you can get!
If you’re not concerned with being totally authentic, you can request nylon peg loops for your tent. These are white, so they won’t be all that noticeable.
The advantage of nylon is that it lasts longer than cotton and is far less susceptible to rot.
There is a minimal charge for nylon peg loops. Call to find out the cost for your tent, if you’d like this option.

Our ties are 100% cotton webbing, which we place very liberally on all tents. Our policy is “better too many ties than too few” and they are spaced an average of 24” apart on most shelters.
Loops on the walls of Panther wall tents and on tent flys are 1” heavy duty cotton webbing with a test weight capacity of 130 lbs!

The time it takes to make your tent varies with the time of year. There are times when we have shelters in stock. When they are not in stock you should allow 3-5 weeks, but during the Spring the wait is longer. Order early and give us plenty of advance notice if you have a special date that you need your tent. We always have to turn some orders away during the peak season, but that’s only because we refuse to rush any order through at the cost of quality!

We often do custom work for folks who want something different. If you have something you want a quote on, YOU MUST SEND IN A SKETCH with measurements and we’ll send you a price. Trying to explain something custom over the phone doesn’t always work, so you’ll have to send the drawing to take advantage of our guarantee! Custom orders require a 50% deposit.
Custom orders must be placed via mail, complete with your sketch. No returns are allowed on any custom order that is made to your specifications. If you’d like to try making your own shelter, we sell our fine canvasses, ties, and loop material by the yard.

Red, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, Khaki and Purple canvas is available for our Medieval customers. This canvas is the same type as the flame retardant canvas described at the top of page 7. When you order the color option, your tent MUST be made from this type of canvas. Sunforger canvasses are not available in colors. Color option tents are custom order, so we’ll need a sketch of what you’d like your tent to look like, and a 50% deposit with your order.
You’ll find pricing in a column beside each tent’s price chart. The price is for either one solid color or alternating strips of canvas approx. 33” wide. The color option price is in addition to the price of the basic tent in flame retardant canvas. (Please note that on rectangular marquees, alternating bands of color will not normally come out even, like on some other tent styles). If you want a customized color combination, we’ll quote you a price based on the sketch that you send us.


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Caring for Tents

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- A 10” turn in at the bottom of your walls or curtain to help seal gaps on uneven ground. We recommend this for most tents.
- A large floor for the interior of your tent. This keeps moisture from coming up through the ground inside your tent. When used with a sod cloth, the ground cloth overlaps to completely seal out wind, moisture and insects. We offer these in regular and our SUPER GROUND CLOTH.
- An insert sewn into your tent that is heat resistant up to1,000º Fahrenheit. Necessary for any wood stove usage. These come with an outside cover flap that ties open or closed. Specify the diameter of your stove pipe when ordering and send a sketch of where you’d like placement. NOTE: STOVE HOLES ARE AVAILABLE ONLY ON TENTS MADE OF ONE OF OUR FLAME RETARDANT CANVASSES.
- We put brass, rolled ring spur washer grommets on the ridge line of all marquees, wall tents, wedges, flys and any other tent that takes a ridge pole. These grommets enable your upright pins to stick out the top of your tent. The inside diameter of these grommets is 1/2 inch.
- Sometimes called dagging, this is the ornamental edging along the edges of a tent. We offer you 8 styles and 16 colors of braid.
- This is available on all our tents, in three different canvasses. This makes the canvas RETARDANT to flame, meaning that it WILL burn as long as a flame is touching it. It will not, however, support its own flame, so when the source is removed, the canvas will extinguish itself. There is no such thing as a FLAME PROOF tent. Please exercise caution when near fires, wood stoves, etc. All three of our flame retardant canvasses meet the industry standard of CPAI-84. When you order a flame retardant tent from us
we mark it on an identification tag so you have proof for the fire marshal! Flame retardancy treatments will diminish within a few years. How long it will last on your tent will vary, depending on usage and exposure to the elements.



MFC does not endorse any religious, political or cultural beliefs or practices.  Any displays of such are solely the responsibility of the individual, performer or vendor.

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